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Pipes Auto & Truck Parts, Inc, pays cash for your vehicle, regardless of the make, model or year. There are no restrictions on the vehicles we accept, even if your car is decades old.

When you sell your car to Pipes Auto & Truck Parts of Shreveport, LA, you're getting the best deal around. Newer vehicles and heavy vans will get you the most cash, but even an old junker is worth something! Call Pipes Auto & Truck Parts today for more information about getting cash for your vehicle.

Why should you salvage your vehicle?

At Pipes Auto & Truck Parts, we accept any and all used vehicles. Many people choose to salvage their old vehicle when:

  • Their vehicle is damaged beyond reasonable repair
  • Their vehicle has little value on the used market
  • They don't want to deal with selling their vehicle
  • Their vehicle is old but with newer parts

If you're looking for a trustworthy yard to get cash for your vehicle, call Pipes Auto & Truck Parts at (318)-222-2277 now. Our experienced staff will ensure you get the money you deserve for your old car.